Are You Selling Your Home ? Downsizing.

Tips for downsizing

  • Start small. I suggest starting with a drawer in the kitchen, you know the one; it’s a collection of leftover bits & pieces, elastic, twist ties, etc….
  • Give yourself enough time. This is not a quick process, and becoming overwhelmed by how much there is to do and how little time there is to do it, makes you less effective. Pause and honor the memories attached to items, maybe take a photo and then let it go if it will not fit in your new space or just  doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.
  • Start on the room that you use the least. By doing this you will reduce the feeling that you’re living in a work zone. This room becomes the place to store items until they are ready to be picked up and you can close the door and make it disappear!
  • If you have items that you wish to gift to family and friends, take the time to write out what the item has meant to you. If possible, have a small get-together and turn this into the special event it is.
  • Give yourself breaks often, I have found that working in two-hour periods works best for most people however, for some, 15 -20 minutes at a time may be all you can do. Respect your limits. Be sure to drink lots of fluids THIS IS HARD WORK
  • As you sort through items ask yourself not only when the last time you used it was BUT if you see yourself using it in the future. A great example of this is family dinnerware, if you will no longer have the space to host a dinner for 12 people then why keep all those dishes? Determine what you would like to do with items; will you gift them to family and friends? Put them in a consignment shop or maybe send them to an auction house?
  • This is the perfect time to actually look at your all belongings and decide if you still love it and if will suit your new lifestyle. Does it reflect who you are now? Once again, think of how to dispose of it if it no longer suits you. For example, maybe your current large armchair could be replaced with one of a smaller scale that comes with an ottoman for storage. Check with your home stager to see what items you should keep for staging your home to sell.
  • You need a practical packing plan; things may be in boxes for a while. My favorite method uses index cards and coloured markers.
  • Email me for  instructions for my packing method or, for a list of Ottawa area charities and their needs




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